Overall we provide for all levels – from integrated kindergartens to higher education solutions for Chinese families and international families who desire high quality International education whilst still retaining all that is best about Chinese culture. OCEG’s international schools offer access to high quality, International education from pre-school to senior secondary school and help students to enter top overseas schools and universities.


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Primary School小学阶段

  • The Primary School is focussed on OCIS’s own integrated curriculum, implemented within an IB teaching and learning framework. Therefore all of our activities and lessons are both inquiry-driven and student-centred. Our aim is to nurture the love of learning in every student and to teach him or her to become an independent, self-motivated person. With this objective , we have designed a curriculum that incorporates the best teaching & learning content and practices from across the world whilst closely reflecting the PYP system. We have created a blended approach, taking the best of western and Chinese education to create a new third pathway to success.
  • 在小学阶段,我们聚焦于东方剑桥国际学校自行整合的课程,并在IB教学框架内进行落地实施。所有的教学活动都以学生为中心,以探究驱动为主。教学的目的是培养学生对学习的热爱,让学生成长为能够独立进行自我驱动的学习主体。基于这样的目标,我们的教学设计既忠实于PYP体系,同时融入了全世界顶级教学实践和内容的课程。我们通过融合的方法,结合中西方教育中的最佳元素,为学生创造通往成功的崭新通道。

Secondary School中学阶段

  • Our Secondary School builds on the firm foundations established by ensuring each child develops self-confidence, determination, compassion and a skills set to ensure his or her potential is reached both within school and beyond. We pass on traditions of Chinese culture whilst developing a positive international perspective. We utilize the IB’s MYP with a focus towards IB. We pay particular attention to the overlapping and stand-alone aspects of Language Acquisition, Literature, the nature of individuals and societies, Sciences, Maths, Arts, Sports, Design and Well-Being. We ensure critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication skills are constantly developed. At OCIS our approach is interdisciplinary and centred on problem-fixing.
  • 中学阶段的教育建立在确保每个学生发展自信、坚毅、善良以及其他综合能力的基础上,确保学生的潜力在校园内外均能够得到充分地发展。我们不仅关注学生的国际视野,同时也重视中国传统文化的传授,通过IB MYP课程体系,引导学生为IB DP课程的学习做铺垫。我们非常重视语言习得、文学、社会与人、科学、数学、艺术、体育、创意、幸福等领域的独立和融合,我们将不断培养学生的批判性思维、协作、创意及沟通能力。学生们在东方剑桥国际学校将采取跨学科的思维方式聚焦并解决问题。
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