Ensure the ‘holistic’ is developed培养“全人”

  • By way of an integrated, bilingual curriculum we aim to ensure the ‘holistic’ is developed – cultivating key values in all of our students.
  • 我们通过科学且高质量的双语课程整合,力求培养“全人”,并帮助所有学生树立正确的价值观和人生观。

Supportive extended-family culture关爱、支持的校园氛围

  • By combining personal well-being, academics, sports, arts and leadership within a supportive extended-family culture we believe we can create a pathway to success for every student.
  • 东方剑桥国际学校就是一个完整的大家庭,在充满关爱、支持的校园氛围中,对学生进行个性、学术、体育、艺术及领导力的全面培养,为每一位学生未来走向成功奠定坚实的基础。

Real education真实教育

  • It is our mission to ensure the fun, creativity and excitement of real education is celebrated at every opportunity in every child.
  • 我们将尽一切可能,让每一个学生享受基于兴趣、创意和激情为本质属性的真实教育。

From Play to Passion to Purpose收获学习的目的和意义

  • We want every student to find their future in life by moving ‘from Play to Passion to Purpose’ and for them to become true innovators in life as well as intrinsically-motivated life-long learners.
  • 让每一个学生在从喜欢到热爱中寻得并收获学习的目的和意义,助力他们成为未来生活和事业中的真正创新型人才和内驱力十足的终身学习者。


  • What we offer at OCIS are in-school and out-of-school learning experiences which celebrate and nurture children’s natural enthusiasm for real learning – for real education.
  • 东方剑桥国际学校能够为学生提供校内校外兼收并蓄的真实的学习体验,基于兴趣的学习体验能够培养并激发孩子们天生的学习热情。学生们在他们未来生活中和事业上,能够继续不断培养自我成长的动力、目的和意义。
  • Children can build on the concepts of play and fun, to develop a passion for the rich learning experiences which they will encounter both in and out of the class environment.
  • 学生们在他们未来生活中和事业上,能够继续不断培养自我成长的动力、目的和意义。
  • They will develop an ongoing and ‘on-growing’ sense of purpose via self-motivated learning in key areas for their future lives. We are passionate about creating conditions in which developing youngsters as learners is our highest goal. In this way OCIS students retain most of what they’ve learned and, more importantly, can apply it in meaningful ways as they get older.
  • 我们倾注全部来创造能够培养孩子成为自主学习者的环境和氛围,这是我们一直以来的追求。在东方剑桥国际学校,学生们不但能够掌握所学知识,更能够将这些知识有意义地应用于他们未来的生活中。
  • They remember how to learn. They remember the joy of creating. They remember “to be curious and persistent and collegial, because all of these things support them as deep and powerful learners in their lives” .
  • 他们将懂得如何学习,享受创造带来的成就感,永远充满好奇,坚持不懈并能够与同伴们友好协作,这些都将促成学生成为强大的学习者。