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Primary School小学阶段

  • At the elementary school level, we focus on the blending of the Chinese National Curriculum and a standard based international English Language curriculum. This integrated curriculum is implemented within the framework of “Visible Learning”. All teaching activities are student-centered and driven by inquiry. The purpose of teaching is to cultivate a student’s love for learning, so that students can grow into life-long learners. Our instructional design is based on the model of “Explicit Teaching” and incorporates teaching practices that allow students to understand...What they are learning...Why they are learning...and How they know they have learned it. Our elementary program starts the students on the pathway of international success.
  • 在小学阶段,我们将重点放在中国国家课程和国际英语语言标准课程的融合。 这一综合课程是在“可见式学习”框架内实施的。 一切教学活动都以学生为中心,以探究为动力。 教学目的是培养学生对学习的热爱,使学生成长为终身学习者。 我们的教学设计是基于“显性教学”的模式,并结合教学实践,让学生理解...他们在学习什么...他们为什么在学习...以及他们如何知道他们已经学会了它。 我们的小学课程使学生走上国际成功的道路。

Secondary School中学阶段

  • Continuing the framework of Visible Learning, the middle school education broadens the experiences of the students, ensuring each student develops self-confidence, perseverance and kindness. The students are given a wider range of international studies as well as maintaining the Chinese curriculum standards and the international English standards. We maintain the model of Explicit Teaching and provide added support to students with difficulties with language acquisition. We support and advise the students during the middle school, to follow their interests and develop clearer pathways to graduation and overseas further education. We develop students’ skills in independent research and analytical writing, we incorporate a global perspective in their courses of study, enabling them to further their skills as life-long learners and global citizens.
  • 继续“可见式学习”的框架,中学教育拓宽了学生的体验,保证了每个学生培养自信、毅力和善良。 为学生提供更广泛的国际学习,并保持中国课程标准和国际英语课程标准。 我们维持显性教学模式,为语言习得有困难的学生提供额外的支持。 我们支持和建议学生在中学期间,遵循他们的兴趣,并制定更清晰的毕业途径和海外深造。 我们培养学生独立研究和分析写作的技能,在他们的学习课程中纳入了全球视角,使他们能够作为终身学习者和全球公民进一步提高他们的技能。
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