保持这份热爱,奔赴下一场山海——OCIS 2023届毕业典礼圆满举行


关于青春和成长的仪式从不缺席,这一年,我们携手走过四季,而今我们迎来了比四季更绚烂的毕业季。7月7日,OCIS 2022-2023学年毕业典礼在报告厅圆满举行,学校领导、国际部师生以及毕业班学生家长朋友们欢聚一堂,共同见证这场属于毕业生的青春盛典!

The ceremony of youth and growth is never absent. This year, we have walked through the four seasons together, and now we have ushered in a graduation season that is even more splendid than the four seasons. On July 7, the graduation ceremony of OCIS 2022-2023 academic year was successfully held in the theatre, and school leaders, teachers, OCIS students and parents and friends of graduating students gathered together to witness this significant event. 

G12 Graduation Ceremony

生命里无疑还有许多夏天,但肯定没有一个夏天,会如今天一般,世界就近在眼前。首先,祝贺OCIS 2023届毕业生被世界名校录取,从OCIS走向世界,步履不停,奔向属于自己的星辰大海,真心祝贺你们!

There are undoubtedly many summers in life, but there is definitely no summer like this, and the world is right in front of us. First of all, congratulations to the 2023 graduates of OCIS on being admitted to world-renowned universities. From OCIS to the world, they are constantly moving towards their own destinies. Sincerely congratulations to you all!



High school is a journey that really helps me to determine who I am, what I really want. I can never imagine myself, that shy, ordinary girl years ago, can have such a colorful and fantastic life. OCIS, high school, has really changed my life. It is here when I first found where my talents shine, it is here where I was being firmly believed and cared, and it is also here where I find the direction of my future life and pave a path for myself. Student life might be tough and hard to get through, but it will eventually lead you to brightness with precious life experiences. Fortunately, I was here, and with all supports and qualified education I received, I am proud to say that that little girl who used to be self-abased and worrying about her future has grown up, though still a little bit shy and introverted, though still ordinary, but turn into a much more optimistic and confident undergraduate student standing who can ever be.



I want to tell you guys is that AL curriculum is complicated and time-Consuming sometimes you may feel like you already devoted yourself to work but the result may not always be satisfactory This is absolutely normal and what you need to do is calming down and never doubt yourself efforts.



First of all, I would like to send my sincerely Congratulations to all the graduates. This is your day! Congratulations Again! You meet today after you experience hard work, burning the midnight oil, struggling, persistence, and friendship. You make a difference finally.


It’s a lovely day, and a great time. Then you all will make a different tomorrow. I hope you all will stand higher, have a broader vision and have a bigger achievement. During the process, I hope you are brave enough and always believe yourself. Finally, wish all of you have a bright future, smile on your face and warmth in your heart. 


Every word, every stroke, every painting, every string, every music, all contain their reluctance to part, full of their earnest expectations. The sound that enters the ear is love, and the sight that reaches is love. The performances brought by the OCIS students not only showed us their energetic youth, but also showed us their confidence and determination for the future.

G9 Graduation Ceremony

时序更替,华章入新。祝贺6年级、9年级的毕业学子们圆满完成各自人生旅途中重要的学习任务, 即将在下一个初秋奔向人生下一个站点,孩子们,请记得虽道阻且长,然行则将至。希望你们心中有梦想,有热血,有执着,以学长学姐为榜样,珍惜时光,锤炼技能,不负韶华,做个奔跑的追梦人!

The calendars refresh as we enter new life phases. Congratulations to the students in grades 6 and 9 on successfully completing the study in their respective life journeys. They are about to head towards the next stop in life in the early autumn. Children, please remember that although the road is long and difficult, the journey is approaching. I hope you have dreams, passion, and perseverance in your hearts, following the example of your seniors, cherishing time, honing your skills, living up to your youth, and becoming a dream chaser!



I have so many good memories: so many times we enjoy playing Frisbee on the sports field. There was even a time we beat the teachers’ team hard. I remember running to the gym in a heavy rain for a basketball game. In the end it a hard win and we were so happy. I will never forget the joy of receiving certificates on the stage, every time to celebrate the achievements, in study, sports, and activities, whether for my own or as a team. Those will always be my best memories.


We are about to start on a new journey, high school. There will be more challenges ahead. I will work hard and I wish my classmates will do the same. Our efforts in high school will determine what kind of universities we can go to. Dear friends, we only have high school once in our lifetime, let us cherish every moment, let us be responsible, let us not leave any regrets behind, let us all try to be the people we want to be in future, let us make a deal to celebrate our success again in three years. I will be there, and I know you will too.



We are all gathered here today to celebrate the promotion of the grade 9 students into grade 10, which marks their entry into upper secondary education. They have already been studying for a good portion of their lives and this period of study has come to a middle. This is far from an end for you – each year, each grade is another piece of the foundation you are laying for the rest of your lives. As you are promoted, your responsibilities will increase – you will have more homework and more exams, of course, and the questions on those exams don’t get easier; so, keep studying! We also expect to see you start embracing some of the responsibilities of leadership within the school and your community, and make positive changes to those around you. We hope that as you have studied in this international community, you will be able to share that perspective with our ever-shrinking world, and demonstrate the importance and utility of an OCIS education.




In September 2018, I first entered the Oriental Cambridge International School. At that time, in my second year, everything seemed like yesterday. In these six years, I have made many good friends and have had very precious friendships. We learn a wealth of knowledge in a spacious classroom; Sweating like rain on the green grass sports field; Displaying style on the brightly lit theatrical stage; Competing skills in a fun science day for puzzle learning; We have left too many memories on this campus that are worth preserving forever.


I am proud of my school and hope that in the future, we can also become the pride of OCIS!



These students learned to work under difficult circumstances, but they also learned the value of friendship and camaraderie. Their closeness with each other, and with their fellows in Grade 5, grew stronger and stronger. They drew together, supported each other and nurtured each other.


And now, they face a new challenge. Now they step out from primary school, where they have acquired the basic skills they need and move onwards and upwards into middle school. Here, each of them will learn and grow even more. This is where each student will build a deeper sense of their own identity and learn the skills needed to become a good, independent scholar. This where they will ultimately begin to make the choices that will shape their lives. These are the years that will begin their transition into adulthood.


So thank you for your efforts, thank you for being who you are and thank you for the memories. So thank you Grade 6, sorry, thank you to our new Grade 7. The future is yours, take it in your hands and step forward with pride and confidence.




I am very pleased to be here to deliver my congratulations and wishes, to students graduating this year. Year 2023 is a remarkable one for OCIS. We have our 4th year G12 graduates. This year we have the most graduates, a total of 8 students. Right here, every member of the OCEG family, ought to send the wholehearted congratulations to those eight students.


And every member of staff, particularly those who have taught the students, have made the breakthrough and growth happen. Hence today is a day of joy, pride, success and celebration.


Meanwhile, congratulations go to Grade 6 and Grade 9 students on your successful completion of periodical study.


At this moment, I would like to say the followings to all students:

First, your vision is your guidance and your conviction determines your success. Secondly, I expect you to shape your characters. Thirdly, I wish you all embrace life long learning. Continuously updating our understanding of things, as the future is unknown and fresh to you, and even more challenging.


Last but not least, I want to say this to the graduating G12 students, no matter where you go next step, you will be a representative of your nation and culture. I wish through university study, life experience and interactions with different cultures, you will develop yourselves as better individuals.


And to all other students, please seize the day, learn proactively, jump out of your comfort zones. You are living in the best times, keep upgrading yourself and make your own success.  


July is a common end and a new beginning


Shared past, each with a future


Just use this graduation ceremony


Wishing all of you who are about to set sail


Keep your passion in your heart and head towards the next challenges


Say 'goodbye' in a genuine way


Happy graduation!


Looking forward to the day of reunion!